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Help Send Gabby Douglas’ family to the Olympics

This is Gabrielle Douglas. Gabby. Dougie. The flying squirrel. I love her and you should too. For a more complete picture of why see THIS BLOG POST by the ever fabulous Spanny Tampson.

Gabby is one of the 2012 Olympic hopefuls for the USA’s Women’s Artistics Gymnastics team. She left her home in Virginia Beach, VA to train with Liang Chow (Shawn Johnson's coach) in Iowa. Her dad is on his second tour in Afghanistan. AND she stands to potentially be the only POC on the 2012 WAG team. She is everything you admire in a young girl and I think her family deserves to see the fruits of their labor.

Golden right? Why aren’t people donating more money you say?

In 2008, another gymnast held a fundraiser. This girl was upper middle class and ended up breaking her leg and not making the team. Instead of giving the money to another family like they mentioned they would, her extended family went on vacation in Beijing and hung out at the Olympics. The memory is just too fresh in most of the gymnastics world. But Gabby could not be further from this. Her family needs the money. They aren’t planning a vacation. And what if she doesn’t make it?

** Although the Olympic team won’t be announced until July 1st, we believe Gabby will be be a part of this team. However should she not be named to the team, all money will be donated to Our Military Kids Org ( Gabrielle received a grant from this fund to use towards her gymnastic expenses when when she competed in the Jr Olympic program**

In fact, Gabby’s training before she became an elite was partially supported by this organization. So Tumblr army, help make this fabulous child’s Olympic experience mean the world to her by having her family in tow.